28g Lemon Kush Quadruple Grade

28g Lemon Kush Quadruple Grade


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Lemon Kush is made by the 50-50 percent if indica and Sativa. And it has very 15% and 26% ranging and also this strain was developed by Afghani Kush and Lemon G. For his high concentration terpene limonene it produced a Lemon flavor aroma with citrus. Moreover, it is the mixture of Lemon Joy and Master Kush. Lemon Kush is on sale.

Uses of the Lemon Kush

  • Lemon Kush is generally used for the medical benefits because of its great flavor and heavy lemon fragrance. And also it is known by its pale green shoots covered in the white coating.
  • It is commonly used for patients who are suffering from depression and anxiety.
  • Lemon Kush is a strain which provides you long and fast relief.
  • It is also used in the industrial purpose to enhance their perfume fragrance by the Lemon Kush citrus flavor.
  • Lemon Kush has a pungent scent of limonene that helps in fighting with the germs that can cause cancer.


If you consume Lemon Kush quadruple grade in excess amount then it can cause some side effects.

  • Dizziness
  • Dry eyes
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia

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Lemon Kush is on sale, it is a mixture of between two hybrids Lemon joy and Master Kush. And also it is found by the Lemon G and Afghani Kush. However, it is very useful for medical purposes as well as industrial use. Therefore, buy it from this website gives you many discounts on your first purchasing.


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