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RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil. It is one of the most popular forms of cannabis strain. Moreover, it is concentrated cannabis oil which used for medical purposes and mainly used for cancer patients. It is slightly bitter compare with the other strains. RSO hash 7gm is on sale.

Uses of RSO Hash

RSO oil was used as a course of treatment mainly a 90-day course and also in 90 days you have to just consume the 60gm of RSO OIL within 90 days.

  • In the first week, you have to consume three doses every day. And also each dose having a size of rice grain.
  • In the second week, you have to double your dose every four days.
  • In week fifth to twelfth, you have to consume 1gm of oil till the end of your 60gm of RSO oil.
    RSO oil is slightly bitter so many patients prefer to consume the oil by mixing with food to make the good taste to consume.

Side Effect

  • Tiredness
  • Drowsiness
  • Balance problem
  • Headache

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RSO hash is the most popular form of cannabis strain. Rick Simpson oil is used in the most dangerous disease like cancer. Moreover, it consists of very few side effects and also it has a very good drug in case of medical uses. And also this website is best for the RSO hash oil to buy from here only with lots of discounts.


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